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Angel Wings Copper

September 10, 2017

This post has taken sometime to write. One, because of the pain in heart left when two of our beloved animals received their angel wings.

Don’t get me wrong, I rejoiced that they received their wings and are no longer in pain, but the hole left in our hearts was and still is very painful.  Tears flowed endlessly for a few weeks after both passed.

The first to pass was my beloved Copper Boy. So precious, I was just so proud of my boy when I first brought him home.  You can read about Copper and his Brother Boomer here.

Boomer and I sat and he howled and I cried over the loss of our Copper.  For awhile in the evening time you could here Copper howling/crying for Copper.  He got a lot of extra attention.  Boomer has become very protective of me and does not like other dogs close but will tolerate his two sisters and brother from another mother Dillon (another story for another post).

I miss Copper but I do not miss seeing how frail he was becoming from that dreaded C word that I will not give it power by saying it’s name.  I have good memories with Copper and am so happy that he was able to enjoy his big yard when we moved before he got real sick. He loved the porch and just doin’ what Hound dogs do, Front Porch Chillin’.  Rest easy Copper, until we meet on the Rainbow Bridge.  Tell Wyatt, Niki, your beloved Thor, and Maestro, and all the other angels we will see them at the bridge!  Love you Copper man.

Copper’s first day home


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