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Happenings at the Ranch…….Building a barn out of a shed

February 26, 2011

Well, we almost have all of the horses down. Weather got in the way of bringing down the last three (Elvis, JT, and Cody).  We are going to try and get them in the next two weeks. When we looked at the property, there was a “tractor” shed and it had a lot of...
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Ultra Downy Coupons – P&G Everyday Solutions

February 15, 2011

    Sign-up for your free coupon booklet via snail mail! Ultra Downy Coupons – P&G Everyday Solutions.
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Winner Winner! Yoplait Original Yogurt Gift Package

February 12, 2011

The winner of this Gift Package  is………. Your Winner (confirmed) Author: Marilyn from Marilyn’s Money! Congratulations Marilyn!!!  I’ve sent you an e-mail! Thank you for participating.
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Mega – Swagbucks Friday!!!

February 11, 2011

  It’s Friday, which means it’s Mega SwagBucks Day!! If you haven’t signed up for SwagBucks you are missing out on FREE cash!  You know our favorite word here at Raging Bear Ranch is FREE and this is FREE CASH – can’t get any easier than that! Swag Bucks rewards you for simply searching...
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The Red Dirt Road Home………

January 13, 2011

  Well, it has been almost a year since we moved back to our home state    of Oklahoma. The red dirt of Oklahoma has a comforting effect on my soul and though   this road has not been without pot holes and road bumps, I’m sure glad    to be home. I was...
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Happenings at the Ranch

December 30, 2010

I often wondered what inner peace would feel like and now, I’m beginning to find out.  The picture below is the view I now have in my new office at home.  It is very peaceful and because of that, I’m more productive. Just watching the Cardinals that add a splash of color to winter...
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Spinach + Mozerella + Tomatos = MMM MMMM Good!

December 13, 2010

Well, I broke down and bought (I KNOW) a new Pizza/cookies/biscuit baking stone.  The last one I had was broken, that guilty person (BEAR) shall remain nameless. Had to, just could not live without it anymore!  I love this stone and my casserole dishes (which I found for 5.00 each at a yard sale...
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Happenings at the Ranch and more…..

December 13, 2010

Well, it has been a busy week and King is once again in the proverbial dog house! He has destroyed another crate, and in the process, broke a canine tooth which the vet said he luckily missed hitting the nerve so we are leaving it as is.  While trying to get out, he pulled...
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Newspapers make the best gardening tool

December 7, 2010

Want to keep the weeds away? Start putting it to work for you by adding it to your gardens. Wet Newspapers, layered around plants and overlapping and then cover with mulch and forget about the weeds. Just Fuh-Getta-bout them! Best of all, it is recycling and re-using the newspaper! I just can’t wait to...
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Garlic – not just for the Vamps

December 5, 2010
Garlic – not just for the Vamps

Do you like Garlic?  Well I really like garlic and use it freely in our recipes.  Funny story, you know how they say that the Garlic pills are good for people with vascular issue and since Bear has some heart issues I started him on the garlic pills that are supposed to not make...
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